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Vacancies and logistics jobs at QTRADO Logistics

Our customers are at the centre of our work. Their satisfaction makes us give our best every day at QTRADO Logistics. To achieve this, around 330 employees work hand in hand at QTRADO Logistics. We know how important each individual person is for our company. We reward this performance.

With us you will find...

  •     a motivating working environment.
  •     a warm working atmosphere.
  •     a positive togetherness and
  •     Enjoy working in the service of the customer.

And that's not all!

Well-known clients

QTRADO Logistics works for numerous well-known companies. These are often not only national, but also international leaders in their industry. For you, this means that your work contributes significantly to the success of renowned brands and you become a partner of large corporations.

With innovative products and services at the pulse of time

As a logistics specialist, QTRADO Logistics offers innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. Standstill? We don't. You are there every day when new concepts are tested. You get to know the progress in logistics first hand and profit from the knowledge of outstanding logistics professionals.

Recognition and individual care

We want you to feel at home at QTRADO Logistics. For this reason, we attach great importance to cordial cooperation. We offer you a working environment in which you can contribute and expand your skills. We know: If everyone is satisfied and motivated, we at QTRADO Logistics are able to achieve great things together. We recognize your performance. We cultivate open, respectful communication. Your personal support is also taken care of: your direct superior and the management in the personnel department are always at your side as contact persons.

Above-average earning potential

At QTRADO Logistics, performance is fairly rewarded. We set clear goals. At the same time we motivate you to give your best and to outgrow yourself. To this end, we will make an individual target agreement with you. In this way you contribute to the success of QTRADO Logistics with your manpower, your commitment and your commitment and profit financially from it.

Flexible working hours

With us you have the possibility to indicate your desired working hours. This makes it easier for you to reconcile your family or studies with your work. We make every effort to accommodate your wishes between 7:00 and 19:00.

For career starters, lateral entrants and part-time work for older employees

As an open-minded employer, QTRADO Logistics gives you the chance to change. Are you looking for a new sphere of activity? Do you want to go new ways in your career? Do you want a job that secures you an income until you retire? We support you in this! With us, you get the opportunity to use and deepen your strengths, to qualify and further your education. Do you have the courage to change? Then QTRADO Logistics is the right place for you! We are looking forward to you!

Individual training and development

Our demand for quality is high. In order to be able to provide our clients with the best possible service, we want highly qualified employees who play in the top league both professionally and communicatively. We offer you the opportunity to continuously further your education and to refine your knowledge and skills.

Employment models between security and flexibility

A fair fee is important to us at QTRADO Logistics. That is why we conclude an individual contract with you. Would you like a long-term permanent position? Or is flexibility decisive for you? You can join us with a permanent employment contract. But hourly employment is also possible. If you are studying, this is a good opportunity for you to get a taste of an exciting career field. Talk to us: We offer a variety of employment models!

Better provided for in old age

Nowadays, the legal pension is no longer sufficient if you want to maintain a certain standard of living after your professional activity. That is why QTRADO Logistics offers you a flexible pension plan, including an employer's contribution.

Staying healthy

It is important to us that you remain healthy and efficient. Our health management supports you in this. We offer you free health checks, regular occupational safety instructions and much more.

Family working atmosphere and fun at work

We spend most of our lives at work. At QTRADO Logistics you will become part of a family working environment. In addition to performance, qualification and success, a positive, motivating atmosphere in the workplace is important to us. We have regular team meetings. To this end, we attach great importance to friendly cooperation and mutual support. If you are new to us, you will be assigned a sponsor. He takes you with him, instructs you and answers all your questions.

Would you like to become part of the QTRADO Logistics team? Then apply now! We look forward to receiving your application documents!