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Hi, I'm Elke Dangel.

In October 2007 I started QTRADO Logistics formerly known as ztv Logistik with a half-day job in daytime shipping.

At some point I switched full-time to the fulfilment area. At that time the company had outsourced the logistics service and expanded by another logistics hall of 2.500m². From the very beginning I have been involved in the entire growth process, which was further strengthened in 2010 by the establishment of the sales department and the continuous expansion of the customer base. I have practically grown with it.

In 2017, the position of Team Leader Fulfilment was advertised for which I applied. Courses such as: "From employee to supervisor" or various Navision training courses have made it easier for me to start my new job as team leader.

My daily tasks include the smooth running of daily business in the divisions:

  • Order picking (on several levels)
  • Packing (packages as well as pallets)
  • Control of the products to be shipped (article number, bbd, batch)
  • Packing (in customer's own as well as in cardboard boxes provided by us) and
  • Labeling (for parcel service providers, forwarding agents, self-pickup or day trips) and
  • Sorting of the pre-packed shipments for the respective shippers.

Here I coordinate the entire fulfilment process and handle the special requirements of our customers. From small requests such as the extra packing of coffee cups in tissue paper to the dispatch of fishing rods or packing by type in case of a change of collection in textile logistics.

Another area I am responsible for is pick and pack picking at special workstations. Here I access the customer's software system online.  The workstations are equipped in such a way that walking distances are eliminated. The articles are picked directly, welded in our shrink tunnel, labelled and sorted by route. Daily emergency deliveries are dispatched by parcel service provider.

My team is at my side for all these activities. Each member of my team is able to look after every customer and knows the respective particularities and requirements.


My motto: "If you see that your destination is still far away, then start on your way." Confucius 


Elke Dangel

Phone: 02151 - 529 144