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My name is Timo Runge

and I joined QTRADO Logistics in 2013. I am a trained businessman for forwarding and logistics services and in the company I am responsible for all transports in the logistics control centre in addition to the CEP area. So for almost everything that rolls.

One of my focal points is the planning of

  • Pallet and parcel shipping,
  • Action dispatch as well as
  • Partial and complete loads

of our internal customers as well as external customer orders.

A special aspect of my work is the planning and management of deliveries of books to bookstores for one of our customers in NRW, Hesse and Lower Saxony. Here I am the first point of contact for all drivers and in direct contact with the customer.

Furthermore, I look after all other transport customers, deal with complaints and plan special trips, such as the delivery of school books to schools.

In November 2019 I will take part in a special training course on the introduction to transport safety and will then be the central contact person for transport damage claims.

My motto: Whoever gets up in the morning totally wrinkled, has the best opportunities for development during the day.


Timo Runge

Phone: 02151 - 529 152