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Milestones and history of QTRADO Logistics

2022 Through another merger in the QTRADO Group, QTRADO Logistics gains locations in Kassel, Staufenberg, Suhl and Mühlhausen.

2020 QTRADO Logistics buys MWS Marketing- und Wirtschafts-Service GmbH in Düsseldorf

2019 ztv Logistics becomes QTRADO Logistics, following the merger of four press wholesalers

2018 ztv receives certificate for environmental management according to EN ISO 14001:2015 for the first time

2017 ztv Koblenz branch moves to Neuwied 

2017 ztv celebrates its 20th company anniversary

2015 ztv offers its own webshop solution for customers

2014 The new ztv homepage with responsive design goes online

2014 Renting and moving into a modern logistics hall with approx. 9,000 m².

2013 Introduction of a new warehouse management software based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

2012 Expansion of capacities by renting a further logistics hall with approx. 1,600 m².

2010 Establishment of a sales department (logistics service sales) and continuous expansion of the customer base

2007 Outsourcing and expansion of the logistics service department in a further logistics hall with approx. 2,500 m².

2007 Expansion of logistics activities through the takeover of a press wholesaler in Mönchengladbach; expansion of production capacity at the Krefeld location

2003 ztv receives its first certificate for quality management according to EN ISO 9001:2000

2000 Introduction of innovative container logistics for press products

1997 Foundation of ztv Zustell-, Transport- und Vertriebsgesellschaft and takeover of all logistics activities of the Keppel Group

1995 Foundation of the M-Futura trading company

1961 Foundation of the Koblenz-based wholesale press distribution company Friedrich Keppel (merged with the wholesale press distribution company Friedrich J. Keppel in Krefeld in 2013)

1945 Foundation of the Friedrich J. Keppel wholesale press distribution in Krefeld