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Bio certified logistics services with QTRADO Logistics

EU organic certified solutions for an ecological logistics

Since 29 July 2019, QTRADO Logistics has been officially certified for by Ecocert IMO GmbH in accordance with the EC Eco-Regulation 834/2007 the areas of: Processing - Storage.

The EC Eco-Regulation is now an integral part of our quality management system EN ISO 9001:2015.

What does this mean for you?

Have you decided to outsource your logistics processes? Do you work with a logistics service provider and operate an online shop with ecological products?

Then 100% tracking and tracing along the entire supply chain MUST be guaranteed, from goods receipt and warehouse to dispatch and returns.

For your ecological products, the obligation to provide proof closes the circle. Your customers and consumers trust the products labelled as organic and have every right to do so.

You benefit from our certified services in organic logistics. Both in our fulfilment and action logistics, your products are maintained in accordance with the EC Organic Regulation 834/2007. BIO certified storage, shipping and fulfillment services from a single source.

Green logistics and organic certified logistics are and will remain an important topic, especially in the future. They determine how much confidence your customers have in your ecological and environmentally friendly products.

Set an example and choose a logistics service provider that suits you and your ecological products. We offer you logistics for the organic sector through our organic warehouse, organic logistics and organic fulfillment.

Which processes are certified organic?

When goods are received for an organic product, the following information is checked on the label and/or the accompanying document.

  • The accompanying document can be clearly assigned and contains information about the supplier and/or the transporter.
  • Name and address of the company and, if it is a person, of the owner or seller of the product.
  • The name of the product including the reference to the organic production method.
  • The name and/or code number of the inspection body responsible for the operator (for QTRADO Logistics: DE-ÖKO-005).
  • Where applicable, the lot identification number by which the lot can be attributed to entries in the accounts.
  • If required, the exchange-proof packaging, container or means of transport closure.
  • In case of ambiguities, booking and storage on blocked warehouse; otherwise booking of the article in the warehouse with BBD, batch, etc...

During the storage of organic products it is imperative to take care that:

  • - no contamination 
  • - no mixing 
  • - no confusion

with inadmissible substances or with non-organic products takes place.

The last important inspection of the organic articles takes place before dispatch. Checking the LOT/CHARGE number, the organic code number and the BBD. 

What does this mean for our employees?

All employees of QTRADO Logistics are involved in the quality management measures. They act actively and with a high sense of responsibility in implementing and complying with the new requirements. 

What prompted us to introduce the EC Organic Regulation into QTRADO Logistics?

You as our customer have persuaded us to do so. For your ecological and biological products you need a complete proof. Organic products are subject to this strict requirement, from production, processing and storage to transport. All participants along the supply chain are obliged to be in possession of this EC eco-certificate. We offer you this Value Added Service for the main activity of processing and storage.
In the European Union, only logistics service providers holding this certificate are allowed to process and store organic products.

Do you still have questions about our BIOwarehouse and BIOlogistics? Give us a call!  02151-529200 or write an e-mail to

Our team of experts will answer your questions. 

Certificate of the EC Organic Regulation 834/2007

Download the certificate:


pdf 149 KB