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Fulfillment logistics for e-commerce and mail order

Fulfilment logistics can present you with special challenges faster than you might think. Especially in e-commerce, where the focus is on the end consumer, small details are crucial. In B2B business too, your customers want to be supplied quickly and competently. Not only newcomers but also particularly successful companies quickly reach their limits when the number of orders increases. Between production or procurement, managing stocks and controlling fulfilment, there is no time to concentrate on the core business. The service and satisfaction of your customers should always be in your focus.

Many of our fulfilment customers and especially the e-commerce companies have chosen to work with QTRADO Logistics for this reason. We support you as a logistics service provider in order processing and take care of the storage, shipping and processing of your returns.

Outsourcing your fulfilment helps you to increase your turnover.

Don't think of your logistics service provider as an additional cost centre, but as the one who helps you to increase your turnover. Especially in e-commerce, QTRADO Logistics supports you in being able to deliver at any time and to deliver customer orders as quickly as possible. This leads to satisfied customers, encourages repeat purchases and increases order values.

The QTRADO Logistics fulfilment service offers you these advantages:

1. flawless picking and packing

2. faster shipping

3. better conditions for parcel and pallet shipping

4. saving time on administrative tasks

Do you still process your orders from home?

How quickly do you make mistakes by putting the wrong article in a box, sticking a wrong label on it, etc.? At QTRADO Logistics, fulfilment is designed and optimised to be as efficient and effective as possible. Through our TÜV-certified quality management, we reduce the possible sources of error to a minimum and permanently optimise throughput times.

You only work with one parcel service provider, but your customers want more choice? Your shipping conditions are not competitive? If you work with QTRADO Logistics as your logistics partner, you have access to all major parcel service providers. We have negotiated special contracts with all major parcel service providers and some forwarding agents and offer you our favourable rates. You can enjoy other price advantages when it comes to packaging materials, which we purchase in large quantities at more favourable conditions.

What is the focus of your e-commerce business?

Certainly in generating additional sales, increasing your customer base, improving your products or obtaining better purchasing conditions. But how much time do you have left for your core business if you do the logistics and fulfilment yourself and your activities are geared to this? Concentrate on your core business again and hand over fulfilment logistics to specialists.

With us you can save money and increase your turnover.

4 clear signals that it is time to contact us

1. managing your stocks is eating up your time? You are only busy counting to see when to order new goods? Or managing your stock-keeping-units, SKU's for short, is more guessing than knowing? This is where we come into play. With us, you get real-time insight into your stock levels, enabling you to trigger repeat orders in good time and avoid delivery delays.

2. the volume of your orders is growing over your head? A good sign that your company is growing. To ensure that your customers continue to receive your orders reliably, you would have to invest more time in the logistics process. You would have to hire new employees, acquire more complex logistics know-how, invest in additional storage space and warehouse equipment and so on. QTRADO Logistics offers you room for growth without having to worry about every detail.

3. your temporary storage in the garage or basement is bursting at the seams? Your equipment is no longer sufficient to manage your stock properly? We can offer you all of this, starting with the infrastructure, the manpower, the inventory and much more, which requires smooth and modern fulfilment logistics.

4. you no longer manage to ship orders on the same day? Today's customer expects prompt delivery of the ordered goods, otherwise he will not order from you a second time. QTRADO Logistics guarantees same-day shipment, provided that we receive the order by 1 pm. We take care of your returns logistics in an equally uncomplicated manner and return the goods to your stocks in a processed form.

You can easily outsource your fulfilment logistics to QTRADO Logistics:

1. we create an interface to your software

2. we import your article master data into our merchandise management system

3. we store your goods in our fulfilment centre

4. your incoming orders enter our system automatically

5. we commission, assemble, pack and dispatch the customer orders

6. you and your customers receive the tracking code for tracking the shipment


Would you like to take the next step towards optimal customer service with QTRADO Logistics? Then fill out the contact form and our experts will get back to you personally today, no later than the next working day.

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