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Comprehensive logistics service for our customers

As a medium-sized business, QTRADO Logistics offers you a logistics service covering the following areas: logistical fulfilment, promotional logistics projects, and transport. Regardless of what you require: a standardised solution or an individual one, on a large scale or a small scale – it is our pleasure to be at your disposal with the most diverse range of services.

For its logistics service, our company commands more than 40,000m² of warehouse area in addition to various storage types. Our team of 330 employees conscientiously takes care of QTRADO Logistics's warehouse facilities. Our warehouse management system provides optimum visual representation of all ongoing processes. From goods-in to warehousing, from order-picking and order-packing through to final delivery, we provide the complete logistics service.

(FAQ) Your most frequently asked questions and our answers

Storage spaces for Euro pallets, industrial pallets, block storage, shelf space, small parts warehouse

We have a large selection of standard cardboard boxes, the possibility to offer you individual packaging concepts and the most varied dispatch preparation such as wrapping, stretching, load securing and others.

The time required for implementation always depends on the scope of the project, for small projects we usually need between 1 and 2 weeks and for large projects between 3 and 4 weeks.

Costs are incurred for the individual process steps of your project: Incoming goods, day-based billing of occupied storage locations, picking or quantity-based shipping and others depending on project requirements. These costs are listed individually in the cost estimate after the analysis of your process requirements.

No, there are no minimum stock levels. In principle, you can even store only one pallet with us.

Yes, we work with the well-known service providers in the industry, for the shipment of whole pallets we cooperate with forwarding partners.

We take care of everything from general cargo to complete consignments.

From ballpoint pens to control cabinets, from sensitive to valuable articles, everything is possible. Whether small parts, finished products or trade fair goods. We offer multi-client warehouses and single-user warehouses.

We align the cut-off times with the customer's requirements and processes. This results in different times for each customer.

The price for storage depends on the volume and quantity of the article. We will find the ideal and most cost-effective storage location for the respective product for you.

We have sufficient resources both in manpower (dispatch processing) and in storage capacity. Due to our different working shifts, we can react to seasonal fluctuations at short notice.

If we know the requirements of the campaign at an early stage, we can find a short-term way to implement them in the campaign logistics.

We support many of our customers, e.g. in the area of advertising materials, with the help of ultra-modern order picking and packing systems for such campaigns. From the enclosing of a Christmas card to personalized clothing.

We support you in the preparations for export customs clearance, e.g. by drawing up an export accompanying document and other necessary customs documents. Talk to us.

Our cooperation parcel services and forwarding agents deliver to all countries around the globe.

In general, we offer you the most favourable parcel service for you. But you also have the possibility to choose your favourite parcel service.

For some of our customers we realize cross docking as well as drop shipments. In the meantime, third-party business is increasingly being replaced by cross docking, as it is more cost-effective.

In metropolitan areas, we can implement a same-day delivery for you on request. This means that your customers receive the shipment on the same day. For the delivery of goods, product samples and other articles we need within Germany up to 24 hours and Europe as a rule 72 hours.

For each of our clients, we have a personal client advisor, including holiday and illness representatives, who is familiar with the details of your business.

Each of our customers receives a price list tailored to his process.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the following options: shipment tracking (Track&Trace), inventory information, article and order movement, return transmission of outgoing goods information (parcels, pallets, returns information, KPI's).

Quality management opens up development opportunities and is therefore more than just a reliable instrument for meeting requirements. Double and reactive power are avoided. The processes at QTRADO Logistics are organized in such a way that error-free work results are achieved. Environmental management makes QTRADO Logistics also take social responsibility seriously. We have integrated environmental protection into our corporate policy and systematically implement it in our operational processes.

The customers of QTRADO Logistics know what to expect. And they can rely on the fact that the statements and data have been checked with regard to quality and environmental protection.

For a Magento-Shop we offer a PlugIn, which communicates directly with our merchandise management system. Orders are transferred directly to our merchandise management system and stock levels are updated immediately. For other shops we offer a standard interface which accepts orders from your shop.

The costs vary depending on the complexity and requirements of the online shop. Each online shop has specific requirements, for example, for the payment function, complaints processing, login area, as well as the desired template and many more. Every shop has its own price.