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[Translate to English:] Corona Update 18. März

As measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus tighten, we have taken additional measures to maintain our services.

[Translate to English:]

The health of our employees and the safeguarding of processes are top priority for QTRADO Logistics.

[Translate to English:] Last-Mile Belieferung

Angel bringt’s and QTRADO Logistics

Benedict Breckheimer

Our first self-trained merchant for courier, express and postal services - CEP for short - has completed his training with flying colours!

[Translate to English:] QTRADO Logistics: PSI Versandstation

Die bewährte Versandstation erscheint im kommenden Jahr an einem neuen Standort in Halle 11 Stand 59.

[Translate to English:] EG-Öko-Verordnung 834/2007

EC Eco-Regulation 834/2007

Büsra Katkici

Our apprentice as a specialist for warehouse logistics has completed her training with flying colours!


We cordially invite you to the "Logistics & Distribution 2019" from 8 - 9 May 2019 in Dortmund.