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75 years ago today

[Translate to English:] 75 Jahre

The foundation stone of QTRADO Logistics was laid in Thywissenstraße in Krefeld on 1 September 1945.

It was a courageous and arduous beginning at a time when the world had fallen apart. It was the time when the often quoted handcartes still served as the preferred means of transport and diligence and determination had to replace the initial capital.

From the very beginning the company was managed with skill and a sure instinct for the market. This has not changed until today. Even though QTRADO Logistics is a different company today than it was 75 years ago, its inner DNA has remained unchanged. We continue to invest in our future in a targeted manner, focusing on the needs and wishes of our customers. Regularly conducted customer studies and partner surveys, potential analyses, success controls and daily customer contact help us to identify these wishes and needs. From this we develop concepts and solutions, which we in turn verify, adapt and implement together with our customers.

The former press wholesaler has developed into a highly modern logistics service provider, which has been characterised by significant reorganisation and further developments, particularly in recent times. It has always been our motto not only to react to challenges of any kind, but to act on them ourselves. QTRADO Logistics has always been actively shaping change together with its customers and business partners. Our experience, our know-how, state-of-the-art facilities and, last but not least, the individual strengths that each of our employees brings to his or her work will enable us to continue to do so in the future.

QTRADO Logistics' most important asset and figurehead are friendly, competent and committed employees. Together as a team they are at the service of our customers day after day. Innovative strength, inventiveness, willingness to provide service, vision and pragmatism are terms that are more than just empty words for us. QTRADO Logistics Managing Director Peter Kieffer: "We are delighted every time we create innovative solutions for our customers with our logistics know-how and unusual ideas. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied".

75 years after its foundation, the company is still well positioned today and can look to the future with optimism.