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A strong sustainable network

[Translate to English:] Last-Mile Belieferung
[Translate to English:] Abb. Ausliefer- und Kühlboxen

Angel bringt’s and QTRADO Logistics

E-commerce is on everyone's lips and online retail sales in particular are constantly growing. Are you one of the people and companies that already sell food and many other products online? And do you want delivery to take place when your customers can receive it personally? Preferably in the evening hours between 18 and 23 o'clock?

Then we have good news. As Angel bringt’s network partner, QTRADO Logistics makes this possible for you in the Krefeld, Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach area.

On behalf of a large supermarket chain, we take care of the food supply and thus better utilize the capacity of our vehicles.

We deliver the ordered food in special cool boxes to the customer's desired location and at the customer's desired time within a time window of two hours. As soon as the driver is on his way to the customer, customers are proactively informed of the exact delivery time. This avoids unnecessary further delivery attempts. Which in turn is very much in line with our philosophy of sustainability. Because with this new concept of a cooperating last-mile delivery network, we too ensure that

  • reduced subsequent deliveries, particulate matter and greenhouse gases and
  • the vehicles are used to full capacity outside business hours.

For last-mile deliveries, our drivers are guided by an optimised route planning system and a mobile app provides support for operative processing.

This last mile delivery service in the evening hours is also conceivable for many other e-commerce providers, especially from the stationary trade. This is because many retailers from the cities offer a delivery service, but so far it has mainly been provided during the regular delivery times of the parcel service providers.