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It's the people who make a difference.

Anke Leverenz

Our customs expert Anke Leverenz

Hello, my name is Anke Leverenz and I have been working for QTRADO Logistics in customer service since 2012.

One of my main tasks is the personal support of our customers.  One focus of my work is the preparation of the documents necessary for customs formalities for worldwide export. For this purpose, I took part in a four-week training course at the Zoll- und Außenwirtschafts-Kolleg (ZAK) in Cologne.

I obtain the respective country-specific requirements from the Market Access Database (MADB) and from the consulate and sample regulations. The applicable packaging regulations must also be observed.

All the necessary documents for transport and import customs clearance in the country of destination come together at my place. Depending on the destination country and the value of the goods, these are among other things:

  • Invoices with certain contents, such as customs tariff number and country of origin of each article,
  • Packing lists,
  • Export Accompanying Documents (EAD), which I declare to customs on behalf of our customers, and
  • Movement certificates (EUR.1, A.TR.).

The entire process requires close cooperation with our customers, customs, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and my colleagues from the transport department.

My motto: When God created me he started to grin and said: "I don't know if this is going well, but it will be fun".


Anke Leverenz

Phone: 02151 - 529 249