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Logistics move without horror

[Translate to English:] Lager Innenansicht QTRADO Logistics

From Düsseldorf to Krefeld within one calendar week

The relocation of MWS Marketing- und Wirtschafts Service from Düsseldorf with its more than a dozen customers has been successfully completed. Within its own systematic relocation plan, this went according to plan in the 24th calendar week. After only 12 to a maximum of 48 hours, each customer was ready for delivery again and all orders left the warehouse as usual. 

Before loading, a logistics team from QTRADO Logistics took care of entering the articles and master data into the new merchandise management system. A total of 3,300 articles were newly created, checked, counted and safely packed for transport in Düsseldorf.

This meant that the articles were often available on the same day for processing the orders in Krefeld. At the same time, over thirty 40-ton trucks were loaded this week. This amounted to a total of over 640 pallets. 

The integration of the IT systems also went smoothly within a week, with all interfaces to the customers running without a hitch.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the process and the organization of the move. We love it when a plan works,' says business manager Ralf Heller of QTRADO Logistics.

'The colleagues of MWS are happy about the new wind in the sails or the new air in the tires. Our customers can look forward to modern and future-oriented times', says Sandra Möbius Operations Manager of MWS.