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QTRADO Logistics wins a new fulfilment customer from Düsseldorf, Lemon Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

Logo Lemon Pharma

The beginning of a good relationship

QTRADO Logistics implements fulfilment processes for over 40 customers at the Kimplerstr. 340 in Krefeld. Mainly advertising material and eCommerce customers are served. With Lemon Pharma, QTRADO Logistics is now expanding its clientele to include another international manufacturing company with headquarters in Düsseldorf and subsidiaries in Belgium, Spain and France.


Founded in 2009, Lemon Pharma develops, produces and distributes products for the healthcare market throughout Europe and beyond. The growth is driven by the increasing demand for products that support people in a gentle and natural way in a healthy lifestyle.

After the previous service provider had reached its capacity limit, Lemon Pharma was looking for a new logistics service provider. Lemon Pharma became aware of QTRADO Logistics through its website. In the end, the decisive factor in the award of the contract was local proximity and sufficient free capacity for Lemon Pharma's entire product range.

What has improved for you since then?

"The change has proven to be the right one after only a short time, so we benefit from improved warehouse logistics, better process handling of large quantities, flexibility and expandable volume," says Managing Director Markus Neess of Lemon Pharma. We have also learned a lot from QTRADO Logistics, which has led to improved, simplified and more precise processes internally.  The biggest benefit for us, however, is that we have become faster, have a direct contact person at QTRADO Logistics and our reports are always up-to-date.

How did the move go?

The company moved its warehouse to QTRADO Logistics in May 2019. At the end of May, QTRADO Logistics' logistics control center organized the truck transport of the first 250 pallets. These were picked up by the former service provider in Duisburg and transferred to Krefeld. Another 50 pallets followed at a later date.

Since then, the entire fulfilment, the promotional campains as well as the production orders (compiling displays, etc.) have been handled by QTRADO Logistics. Already in mid-June, the first orders were transmitted and in August 2019 the entire process ran smoothly.

What are Lemon Pharma's requirements?

Lemon Pharma is certified in accordance with EC Eco-Regulation 834/2007. In order to meet the special requirements of the customer, QTRADO Logistics has made investments and set up special processes which resulted in the acquisition of the EU organic certification according to EC Eco Regulation 834/2007 in August 2019 (link to the certificate). Further processes were optimized for Lemon Pharma, such as reports, stock movements including the current value of goods, order overviews and returns handling with re-integration.

60% of the 800 different products of Lemon Pharma are exported to European and international countries. Pharmacies, specialized trade, organic food stores and health food shops are the main customers. QTRADO Logistics handles the customs clearance of the goods exports.


Managing director QTRADO Logistics Peter Kieffer: "Thanks to our certified environmental management system, we were able to achieve EU organic certification in record time. We are looking forward to the further cooperation with Lemon Pharma".

Lemon Pharma managing director Markus Neess: "We want to streamline our processes and therefore build on a long and successful cooperation. Thanks to the well-planned relocation of our goods and the smooth implementation we had a very good start with QTRADO Logistics".