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Together we can get through this!

[Translate to English:] Corona Update 18. März

As measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus tighten, we have taken additional measures to maintain our services.

We have implemented all technical measures to make workplaces more flexible. Some of our employees work on a mobile basis at home. As far as possible, groups have been formed that have no physical contact with each other until further notice.

The recommended safety distance is maintained in the storage and ramp areas. Public traffic is restricted to the absolutely necessary extent. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, there are currently no indications that the coronavirus can be transmitted by objects (in this case, in particular, consignments of goods).

Due to the different quarantine and security measures in Germany and abroad, problems may arise when delivering shipments. In particular, personal delivery against signature can no longer be guaranteed. Recipients in some high-risk areas are currently unable to accept shipments.

We at QTRADO Logistics and the forwarding agencies and parcel service providers commissioned by us are doing everything in our power to ensure the logistical flow of goods even in this exceptional situation.

Together we will get through this.