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Advertising media logistics and marketing logistics at QTRADO Logistics

Advertising material logistics and marketing logistics: Are you looking for a specialist for your promotional items? QTRADO Logistics GmbH & Co. KG is your perfect service provider! We offer you service and added value in all aspects of contract logistics.

Customers take our services of the three business segments

for their advertising materials logistics. The special feature lies in the diversity of the products to be stored. From a ballpoint pen to illuminated cubes for house roofs, everything is possible. There are 40,000 m² of warehouses with variable storage options. Store your marketing and advertising material in our warehouse.

Fulfilment in advertising materials logistics

QTRADO Logistics has one of the largest lottery companies in Germany as its customer in the field of fulfilment for advertising materials logistics. Yearly more than 100,000 parcels are packed and delivered by express courier services. Order picking happens weekly from a wide range of hundreds of different articles that we store for our customer.

As another example the fulfilment including links to several closed shops for a leading global company should be given. For this customer, we store more than 1,000 different promotional articles. From the experience gained from these and other reference projects, QTRADO Logistics has established itself as a specialist in the field of advertising materials logistics.

QTRADO Logistics Your specialist for...
...advertising material logistics of different size and turnover speed
...small, regularly ordered articles on hand storage spaces
...larger, seldom ordered articles on pallet storage bays.

Send with us your advertising novelties world-wide. We take over the entire export for you including the necessary customs papers.

Promotional logistics for the advertising materials sector

In addition to fulfillment, promotional logistics is an important solution for our customers. We pack, assemble and refine your products on our order picking systems according to the wishes of your customers. No matter whether

  • gifts for customers
  • you launch your products on the market
  • seasonal occasions
  • standardized or individualized assortments.

As a logistics service provider, QTRADO Logistics takes over, for example, the...

...affixing stickers or pennants.
...Binding of package loops.
...folding and bagging of personal letters.
...and many services around marketing more.

Many well-known daily newspapers belong to our references. For special promotions, we quickly put around 100,000 tinctures, such as postcards or the like, on the daily newspaper at night. A strong team is at our side every night. Contact us and ask for our service. 

Press Logistics