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Book logistics at QTRADO Logistics

We undertake fulfilment for book wholesalers in the field of book logistics. The delivered books of our customers are checked, counted and then stored in pallet spaces. Shipments usually take place in various range of assortments according to customer requirements. The delivery of single orders and subsequent deliveries happens continuously after receipt of the orders.

These orders are picked and packaged on the same day and then dispatched to press or chain store retail outlets. Each year our book logistics pick up to a million copies from a stock list of thousands of different books. Our book logistics provides book distribution with the usual returns policy. This means that retailers can return unsold copies to the wholesaler and obtain a refund. We undertake the returns management; i.e. the returning and collection of books, checking for resalability and returning to storage. In doing so, we process large volumes in a timely manner.

Promotional logistics

In addition to the regular dispatch of product ranges, our book logistics frequently carry out sales promotions for a particular event. For these promotions QTRADO Logistics fills the display stands or assembles promotional ranges. Due to logistical factors or customer requirements, often large quantities have to be picked and delivered within short time frames.


We can also offer our book wholesaler customers a flexible transport network. Every year we deliver 730 tonnes of books in the greater North Rhine-Westphalia area (NRW). Tight deadlines are a particular feature of book logistics: The goods arrive at QTRADO Logistics at night, and after they have been distributed to the vehicles they are delivered by 8:00 am at the latest.

Useful facts about book logistics

This involves the transport of books. The most classic route leads from the individual publishers to the bookstores. On a smaller scale, schools, other educational institutions and libraries are also among the buyers of book logistics.

Smooth processes in the transport of books are the basis for the work of publishers and booksellers. Depending on the company (and order), the logistics company delivers large quantities of books. The time aspect often plays a major role here. Especially before Christmas or in times when several future bestsellers are to flood the market, delays in the process can have far-reaching consequences. The decisive advantages of a functioning system lie in...:

  • one contact for the transport of several books
  • optimized processes
  • transparent deliveries
  • an optimal price-performance ratio
  • a noticeable time saving compared to other shipping methods.

In short: the respective transport companies make it possible to transport hundreds or thousands of books safely, quickly and punctually from the publishers to the individual bookstores. In the final analysis, the corresponding processes can thus significantly support the profitability of a company and contribute to the success of publications - even in the age of e-books.

Several, sometimes high expectations are associated with a functioning book logistics system. This is more than just covering a certain transport route. Reliable planning, transparent processes and punctual deliveries are the basis for a functioning system. In the ideal case, logistics companies do not work on the basis of tight planning, but plan buffer times. This ensures that publication dates agreed with the publishers are adhered to.