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E-commerce fulfilment and logistics at QTRADO Logistics

E-commerce is a business sector that has been marked by steady growth. QTRADO Logistics provides e-commerce logistics solutions that grow with your contract logistics requirements – flexibly and rapidly. Irrespective of whether the e-commerce fulfilment is for food and beverages, textiles or medical supplies, we will analyse your e-commerce process and provide you with logistics solutions for professional internet trading. Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you personally.

E-commerce fulfilment and logistics - incoming goods

The start of the fulfilment process for e-commerce logistics begins with the delivery of our customers’ goods. These are immediately checked for quality and quantity and are then stored. We will provide you with the delivery papers and digital images of the incoming goods. If requested, we can also send you product samples so that you can form your own impression of the quality of the delivered goods.

E-commerce fulfilment and logistics – Order picking, packaging and finishing

Orders are carefully picked and packaged. Boxes are selected according to the goods being packed. In doing this, we either follow your specifications or you may choose to rely on our recommendations and experience in e-commerce fulfilment.

Glass bottles, for example, require more robust packing and certain information overprints, so that they are handled with the appropriate care upon delivery. We can enclose the necessary flyers, discount coupons and product information etc. during the packaging process.

We are also able to offer our e-commerce logistics customers additional options for finishing products. You will benefit from our flexible processes, that enable us to provide a wide range of finishing processes. These can include special packaging, attaching a sticker or a postcard to the product or the enclosure of a personalised customer letter – here there are virtually no limits placed on your requirements.

E-commerce fulfilment and logistics – QTRADO Logistics online shop and system connections

For example, your online shop can be linked to our warehouse administration system via NAVconnect for scalable online shop logistics. Alternatively, you can use a QTRADO Logistics stand-alone online shop solution for our e-commerce logistics. Our online shop solutions automatically pass on orders via interfaces to our system, thereby allowing them to be processed promptly.

E-commerce fulfilment and logistics – national and international

It goes without saying, that in our e-commerce logistics business, we also ship worldwide and will handle the whole export process for you, including the preparation of the customs documentation. Together we will agree which parcel services provider is most suitable for your individual e-commerce fulfilment solution and the delivery of your products. This is always dependent on the weight, country of destination and the nature of goods.

E-commerce fulfilment and logistics - online shop returns

The management of complaints and returns is a particularly important aspect of e-commerce fulfilment. In addition to customer complaints, there may be undeliverable items. That is why a returns management system tailored to your needs is an essential component of QTRADO Logistics’s e-commerce fulfilment service.


Sander sells table linen via its own online shop. For e-commerce logistics at QTRADO logistics this means the daily processing and dispatch of numerous customer orders.