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Trade fair logistics and event logistics at QTRADO Logistics - reliable, flexible, to the point

The right partner for you

You have high demands on:

  •     competence
  •     flexibility
  •     quality
  •     cost consciousness?

Then we are your partner for diverse event logistics solutions.

Trade fair logistics and event logistics at QTRADO Logistics - reliable, flexible, to the point.

Our range of services in trade fair and event logistics

The logistical challenges at trade fairs, events and festivals lie above all in these areas: delivering, unloading, setting up, dismantling, transporting back and all this within tight time frames.

Let us handle your event logistics professionally. We are flexible, reliable and onschedule.

Are you responsible for the conception and implementation of events and festivals? Including the planning, selection and control of all important aspects?

As a logistics service provider, let us handle the complete delivery and event logistics for your products and your trade fair.

How does this look in practice?

One of our customers stores about 400 different articles with us.

The articles are sorted according to delivery, processed and stored. We sort out defective articles or dispose of them professionally.

We then book all articles into your closed web shop via our storage system. Via the shop, the customer orders all necessary materials, which we deliver on time for the respective event. On site, QTRADO Logistics employees supervise the unloading, assembly, disassembly and reloading of the trucks after the event. After return we store the materials.

This is what our event logistics look like for our customers. Let us know your requirements and we will work out a concept for you.

What do we do for you?

We prepare the material, exchange spare parts. Connect the QTRADO Logistics Webshop to the ERP system and order the necessary articles via the QTRADO Logistics Webshop. Provide storage space on site and optimally load the vehicles or containers. And we organize the entire transport chain and offer logistical support on site.

As an experienced service provider and logistics professional with many years of experience, we have:

  • state-of-the-art technology
  • infrastructure for punctual delivery
  • large areas for storage of your event modules in one single type.

You will receive our entire know-how on the logistics process, from the optimum type of storage to a perfect packaging concept and a suitable type of dispatch.

We offer innovative concepts and flexibility in decision-making and solution finding - 365 days and nights a year in Germany and worldwide.  

Write us an e-mail or give us a call: 02151-529 200 - we are there for you with our trade fair logistics and event logistics! Your QTRADO Logistics GmbH & Co. KG

Worth knowing about trade fair logistics and event logistics

The term "Events" comes from English. Events are (special) events. This includes manageable company celebrations as well as major events. The latter include music festivals, shows, sports events, marketing events, congresses and seminars. The French word loger from loger means to accommodate logistics and originally comes from the military supply industry. In business, this means the procurement, storage and transport of goods.

Event logistics (or event logistics) takes care of the timely equipping of events. In short: thanks to successful planning, the required items are in the right place at the right time. This is ensured by the logistics professionals.

Companies present their products and services at trade fairs. These can be national or international exhibitions of samples. Trade fair logistics ensures that the required stand construction materials, exhibits and advertising material are available on time at the trade fair grounds.

Their tasks include the transport and delivery of exhibition items, the interim storage of promotional items and the punctual supply of stands. At the end of the event, professionals professionally dismantle the stands.

The logisticians take care of the return transport and store the materials again.

The professional planning and execution of an event is decisive for the success of any event. The image of the company depends on it. Event logisticians and fair logisticians keep the back free for organizers and exhibitors. They create a tailor-made logistics concept. Even if time windows are tight, everything is ready in time at the beginning of the event.

Planning, organisation and installation:

Specialists organise and transport all the necessary equipment. In the event of difficulties, they will find the right solutions. The stage, lighting and sound technology are prepared in good time for the start of the concert. Right on time for the start of the fair, the inviting stand with its advertising materials awaits the first visitors. Return transport and storage are just as quick afterwards. Organisers and exhibitors concentrate on their core tasks. The logistics professionals take care of everything else - from transport to storage.

Punctuality and problem solutions:

Careful planning is just as much a part of this as punctual delivery. There are many different challenges to overcome: The location of the event is not always a well-developed exhibition centre. Historic events often take place in winding inner cities, castles or other inaccessible places. This means that the equipment must be transported by narrow road, over bridges or on islands. The logistics specialists take all this into account during planning. Punctuality is and remains the top priority.

Examples of services:

  • national and international transport of goods ex works to trade fair locations
  • customs clearance
  • transport to and from stages and exhibition stands
  • storage of equipment or goods between business events
  • competent support by qualified personnel on site