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Practical examples of logistics services

With our distribution logistics (sales logistics or transport logistics), we offer our customers the right binding element between production and market. Using our practical examples such as advertising material logistics, e-commerce logistics, book logistics, textile logistics and others, we would like to give you an insight into our daily work. The listed logistics examples represent an excerpt from the entire range of services offered by QTRADO Logistics. The distribution logistics of QTRADO Logistics are based on the 6 Rs of logistics:

  •     the right product
  •     at the right time
  •     in the right place
  •     in the right quantity
  •     in the right quality and
  •     at the right cost.

Our customers entrust us with their goods. They rely 100% on us and on your customers being satisfied at the end of the supply chain. Other important factors for our service are:

  •     delivery reliability
  •     delivery flexibility,
  •     delivery time and
  •     delivery condition

and always of high quality.

For further logistics examples or questions about our range of services, please contact us!

QTRADO Logistics has persistently expanded and adapted its services over the past years. We have long since ceased to see ourselves merely as a company that stores products and articles and supplies the trade. QTRADO Logistics has extensive and long-standing logistical knowledge, which we use very specifically. We not only carry out transports, but also complete our services with added value and extras. For example, we label your goods and price them on request. We pre-assemble parts, process your returns and complaints and much more.

QTRADO Logistics quickly adapts to changing trade situations: Our services are based on the market demand. We are closely connected with the wishes and requirements of our customers, which is a win-win situation for both sides.

However, we can only be as good as the information we receive from you. This is the only way to enable us to plan, coordinate and execute our entire range of services and processes according to your requirements.

Press Logistics

Advertising materials Logistics