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Press logistics at QTRADO Logistics

Since 1945 the work of QTRADO Logistics has been marked by press logistics for our affiliated company, Presse Keppel. The task is to supply the press retail sector with product lines on a daily basis. In North Rhine-Westphalia over 11,500 retail outlets must be supplied within a few hours.

The demands on press logistics are extremely high: The work is characterised by high performance within limited time frames and flexibility in exceptional circumstances.

The many years’ experience of our staff, the development and implementation of innovative concepts and the use of the latest technology help us to meet the demands of our customers for 365 days and nights of the year. A modern container system which works in conjunction with our automated pick-by-light system allows us to achieve a high level of quality in the order picking and loading processes.

Professional press logistics in tight time frames

A special feature of press logistics are the tight time frames between the editorial deadline, the printing of the newspapers and the subsequent delivery to the trade. Every night, up to 6,300 separate customer bundles have to be assembled in less than two hours from the daily newspapers arriving ‘hot off the press’. Every week in Krefeld a total of approximately 1.4 million magazines are processed during the day and 1.0 million newspapers during the night.

Our optimal delivery schedule and fully GPS-monitored route control system enables us to deliver simultaneously to over 3,500 retailers within a few hours. In doing so, our vehicles cover approximately 8,000 kilometres each night.

Each one of these retailers has the right to remit any unsold newspapers and magazines. For press logistics at QTRADO Logistics this means dealing with returns on a daily basis. Every single copy is scanned and thus credited to the customer. On average about 843,000 copies are scanned and sorted in Krefeld each week. This is done using a modern scanner-based returns sorting system, which was introduced in 2013.