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Press logistics at QTRADO Logistics

Since 1945 the work of QTRADO Logistics GmbH & Co. KG has been characterised by press logistics for our former parent company Presse Keppel. Today QTRADO supplies over 11,500 press retailers with daily updated assortments in North Rhine-Westphalia.

This special form of press logistics requires a lot of experience for delivery in tight time frames and high flexibility in exceptional situations.

On 365 days and nights we meet the demands of our customers.

...experienced employee for many years
...innovatively developed and implemented concepts
...the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Professional press logistics in tight time frames

The special feature of press logistics lies in the narrow time windows...
...between the copy deadline
...the printing of daily newspapers
...delivering to trade.

Every night!

In less than 120 minutes, QTRADO picks 145,000 customer packages from the newspapers delivered hot off the press at three locations in Duisburg, Dortmund and Leverkusen every night alone.

Every week QTRADO processes more than

  • 3.2 million national and international journals and magazines per day
  • 2.6 million daily newspapers at night.

The references of our services include all publishing houses and national distributors in Germany.

Optimum planning and complete GPS-monitored tour control enable simultaneous delivery to over 11,500 retailers within a few hours. Our vehicles cover approximately 143,000 kilometres in 278 tours night after night.

Each of these retailers has the right to return unsold newspapers and magazines. We process these returns daily in an efficient process at our sites in Duisburg, Dortmund and Leverkusen.

QTRADO scans every single returned copy, on average about 2,600,000 per week.

Worth knowing about press logistics

Press logistics includes the complete logistics for newspapers and magazines 365 days a year. Press wholesalers act as partners to publishers, national distributors and importers and distribute to the retail trade.

They take care of the punctual delivery of press products, in some cases with the involvement of other logistics service providers. This includes daily newspapers, magazines and periodicals from Germany and abroad. In addition, logistics professionals handle picking, documentation and returns.

All forms of retail trade and other press outlets are supplied. These include station bookstores, hotels and trade fairs. Thanks to this logistics process, the right print product is at the right place at the right time - efficiently and cost-effectively.

Returns management

Unsold copies later return to the service provider's warehouse as returns. There a scanner records the returned newspapers and magazines. The dealers are credited with the amounts.

Press logistics:

  • the take-over of printed products immediately after completion
  • order picking, packaging and, if necessary, labelling
  • the storage of printed matter in clean, dry rooms
  • on-schedule delivery to retailers and other trading partners such as station bookstores, airports and hotels every night
  • the rapid repatriation and processing of returns, and
  • the processing of returns for later use by publishers

Use press logistics:

  • publishers of magazines, newspapers and corporate publishing
  • agencies
  • other content creators

All print products arrive punctually at their points of sale. This applies to retailers, kiosk operators, newspaper dealers and other trading partners. Anyone who markets print products nationwide needs a reliable solution for distribution. Press logistics enables growth beyond your own environment. Circulation size is irrelevant.


Outsourcing sales frees up creative minds. This means a competitive advantage: publishers can concentrate on their core business and create high-quality content for readers. Through good work, they gain loyal subscribers and hold their own in the market. A further plus point: the employees also have their heads free. They don't have to deal with shipping. The logistics service provider handles the entire organisational side of things in the background. Professional, fast and reliable. 

The advantages include:

  • Safe handling of print products
  • Perfect organization and efficient route planning
  • Reliable delivery of newspapers and magazines day and night
  • Uncomplicated returns processing
  • Clear documentation
  • Favourable conditions

Daily newspapers in particular are regarded as perishable goods. Nothing is older than yesterday's news. Accordingly, speed is crucial. The time window is narrow: the daily newspapers go to press immediately after the editorial deadline.

After they have been collected, the freshly printed issues are commissioned. Logistics professionals then transport the newspapers from the warehouse to the retail outlet. This takes place the same night until the early hours of the morning. The careful organisation of the route plans guarantees on-time delivery.

Several thousand delivery points receive their shipments from competent drivers. All this happens in just a few hours. When the store opens, the printed products are ready for purchase on the shelves for the customers. The team takes care of magazines, catalogues, brochures and other printed products during the day. Work is done around the clock in the service of the customer.

Decisive for successful logistics are:

  • speed
  • dependability
  • transparency
  • uncomplicated handling
  • individual service