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Returns Management & Returns Logistics at QTRADO Logistics

Especially in online trading, returns require more processing than in branch business. Reasons for returns can be:

  •     clothing fit
  •     the quality does not match
  •     faulty article
  •     does not like or
  •     return the selection

Use returns as an additional service offer for your customers. If your customer is satisfied with the processing of the return, he will order again in your webshop.

Offer your customers an easy and smooth return of returns and a quick credit note. We enclose a return note with your goods delivery for the return or organise the collection.

Highlight this extra service and let us handle the returns logistics for you. Returns outsourcing with QTRADO Logistics as logistics service provider makes it easier for you to keep track. As an experienced fulfilment service provider, we offer you all our know-how and cost advantages.

With our returns management and returns logistics, your goods are quickly recorded in our logistics centre and resold.

Returns Management Procedure

The following steps are performed for the return:

  •     work scheduling
  •     capture
  •     preparation and/or testing
  •     preparing for return storage or
  •     destruction according to legal requirements

In the supply chain, returns management and logistics are of great importance for your success.

For more information, please contact our sales team:

Things to know about returns logistics

Return logistics is the management of goods that the customer sends back to the retailer. These goods are purchased in distance selling, such as online mail order, and returned to the online mail order company for the purpose of exercising the right of return and revocation.

The customer receives either:

  • the full purchase price is refunded
  • the option to order an alternative product
  • the price of the purchased product.

Starting with the return of an ordered product, the goods are then subjected to an inspection. The right of withdrawal includes the return of used items to the retailer. This includes the preparation, cleaning and repackaging of the returned goods.

As a rule, returns of small parcels are now free of charge for the customer.

Returns management is important for customer service, as the customer has the option to return the goods in case of dissatisfaction or lack of quality. Nowadays, the companies that offer shipping offer free return shipping.

Return logistics means that in the event of a return, the exact processing process is fixed and optimized in terms of time. This is especially essential in online mail order, where customer service is of great importance and fast processing is important. Especially when the order quantities are high, there are returns.

If these are processed quickly in each case, the customer feels much safer with the provider.

Returns management must

  • run quickly and smoothly
  • checking and processing quality and defects
  • if necessary, clean, repack and add to inventory.

The credit note for the purchase value will be credited to the customer's account shortly after it has been returned in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The returns logistics process can be slightly automated.

Checking the quality of the returned goods is a process that is not automated. This means that the logistics process must be flexibly distributed among the personnel. It is advantageous for the retailer if the customer attaches the reason for the return. This ensures that the goods are resold as quickly as possible.

Ideally, the retailer measures the number of possible returns of a product based on previous sales of similar products. The determined value is added to the inventory and reduces the purchase quantity.