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Textile logistics: Logistics for the textile industry with QTRADO Logistics

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of textiles or textile lifestyle products?

As a logistics company and specialist for storage, picking, packing and preparation of lying textiles, we provide our customers with solutions for their textile logistics.

There are virtually no limits to your specific requirements. B2B or B2C, we supply your retailers or your end customers. From T-shirts, caps and shoes to decorative cushions, tablecloths and bed linen. The orders from your online shop are received by us via an interface and then processed in the order processing.

Textile logistics from delivery to delivery

Upon delivery of the goods to our customers, we check their quantity and quality and book the articles into our merchandise management system. This allows you to keep a constant overview of your inventory. On request we will send you photos or samples of the incoming goods.

The storage takes place lying in our small parts warehouse. We arrange the shipping according to the wishes of our customers, whether commissioned, assembled or with our own shipping carton and customs processing for worldwide shipping.

In the B2C area, we include return slips with the deliveries for professional returns management.

Send us your requirements to and we will prepare an offer for you.

FAQ: Textile logistics - good to know

Textiles" include all products made of fabric. Accordingly, textile logistics goes beyond fashion logistics.

Textile logistics includes the storage, order picking, packing and dispatch preparation of textiles:

  • fashion (T-shirts, caps, shoes)
  • decorative cushions
  • tablecloths
  • bed linen
  • curtains

QTRADO logistics is a specialist for lying goods. This means that the articles are stored in cartons during storage and transport. This simplifies the loading of pallets and containers and is cost-efficient. (Clothes and fabrics hanging on hangers in the warehouse or during transport are classified as "hanging garments").

Textiles are often manufactured in India, China or Bangladesh. Nowadays, retailers buy and sell their products worldwide. As logistics professionals, QTRADO logistics employees are familiar with the regulations for imports and exports. They handle all customs formalities - professionally and reliably.

Outsourcing logistics offers numerous advantages for textile producers and retailers:

1. simple processing with full control

  • Delivery of the goods: QTRADO logistics checks the quantity and quality after receiving the goods.
  • Transparency: An employee books all articles into the merchandise management system. This guarantees a reliable overview of the inventory. Photos or samples of incoming goods are available on request.
  • Storage: The products are placed in the small parts warehouse of QTRADO logistics.
  • Dispatch: The products are dispatched as required, commissioned, assembled or with our own dispatch carton. If required, QTRADO logistics takes over customs processing for worldwide shipment.
  • Returns management: In the B2C area, deliveries receive return slips for professional and uncomplicated returns processing.

2. guaranteed availability of the goods

Required items reach the point of sale or the end customer reliably, promptly and cost-effectively. Even at seasonal peak times.

3. process and cost optimization

As a logistics professional and full-service provider, QTRADO logistics handles the transport, storage and dispatch of the goods. This relieves manufacturers and dealers:

  • You do not need your own warehouse.
  • Personnel for picking, packing and dispatching the articles or for returns management are not required.

Outsourcing logistics means a high degree of professionalization and automation. All areas interlock sensibly. This enables producers and retailers of textiles to concentrate on their core business. They save time, space and costs.

Manufacturers and retailers of textiles or textile lifestyle products benefit from textile logistics. This includes fashion, table and bed linen, towels and curtains. The products are delivered to retailers, fashion boutiques and department stores or end customers (B2B or B2C). This also makes textile logistics interesting for the e-commerce sector.

Textile logistics is associated with special challenges. Textiles are sensitive goods. To ensure that they reach their destination in the best quality, clean, crease-free storage and delivery are a must.

Clothing collections change quickly. In the past, there were two assortments per year. Today, labels bring several fashion lines onto the market at the same time of year. The life cycle of the articles is correspondingly short. For this reason, fashion is considered a perishable product.

Characteristic of textile logistics are small stocks and short delivery times. In this fiercely competitive market, things have to move fast because the pressure of competition is high. At the same time, there are strong seasonal peaks and a large volume of returns.

The Internet has changed the mail order business: End customers now order shoes, T-shirts or decorative cushions at the click of a mouse. They expect the goods to be delivered the next day if possible. Well-organised logistics help to meet demanding customer requirements. QTRADO logistics accepts these challenges and offers...

  • fast dispatch of textiles within Germany, Europe and overseas.
  • Interfaces for e-commerce shop systems for integration into in-house logistics.
  • professional crease-free and clean shipping to the point-of-sale or directly to end customers.
  • uncomplicated returns processing.
  • Transparency and the possibility for manufacturers and dealers to check the location of their articles at any time.

Send us your requirements to and we will make you an offer.