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Your courier, express and parcel shipper QTRADO Logistics express

Part of a strong unit

ztv express was created in 2010 as a brand from ztv Logistik, today QTRADO Logistics. The goal of QTRADO Logistics is continuous growth by expanding the product portfolio within the logistics value chain. QTRADO Logistics express focuses exclusively on transport services. QTRADO Logistics is characterised by top performance in tight time windows, the greatest possible flexibility and a high degree of sensitivity for shipments.

QTRADO Logistics has been active in the industry since 1945 - initially as a logistics department, since 1997 as an independent logistics company with around 330 employees in Krefeld. Since its spin-off, QTRADO Logistics has not only taken over press logistics, but has also successfully offered its services to the market in a wide variety of industries. The three business segments Fulfilment, Action Logistics and Transportation have developed into the three main pillars of QTRADO Logistics. Since the foundation of the brand ztv express today QTRADO Logistics express in 2010, the business segment Transport and Express Shipping has been growing successfully and developing steadily.

As a reliable express partner, we are there for you around the clock - with our competence, our commitment and our conviction: Your success is our success.

If you need full-service logistics services, take a look at QTRADO Logistics.