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Campaign delivery - organized and coordinated with QTRADO Logistics

We handle small and large shipments for you

Our promotional mailing is the right solution for you when it comes to bonus promotions, sales promotions and mailing campaigns.

Are you, for example, in charge of a promotion or are you planning an unusual mailing? Your goal is to provide your customers with information or a product at the same time? We organize and coordinate the complete campaign dispatch, if necessary also with intermediate storage; The whole thing for both small and large dispatch.

Your advertising displays do not only have to be transported to the POS, but also loaded there? We organise the campaign dispatch and take care of the careful placement and assembly on site!

Do your promoters need to be supplied with promotional material? We find your promoters in a highly frequented shopping centre and supply them with promotional material.

Let us know your requirements for a promotional mailing and we will find the right solution for you!

We look forward to receiving your inquiry and contacting you.