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Hello, I am Marco Thyssen

and have been working for the company since 1999. I started out as an IT system administrator, today I am responsible for developing applications. Through my training as a data processing specialist and various further education courses, I am a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist at QTRADO Logistics.

The main focus of my work is the support of our ERP system and the optimization of our logistics processes directly on site. This closeness enables close cooperation with colleagues from other departments.

Another major area of my work is the creation of interfaces for data exchange with our customers and suppliers. This includes, for example, the programming of file-based interfaces or the direct connection to our customers' IT systems via API interfaces.

The use of electronic data exchange offers great advantages for our business partners.

The creation in our system takes place through automatic collection of the orders from the ERP systems or web shops of our customers. Manual, error-prone entry is no longer necessary. New orders are retrieved promptly and periodically every few minutes so that no order is lost.

Our customers have the current status of their stocks at all times. This means that no item that is not in stock or sold out can be ordered. You will be informed in good time when which item is to be delivered for the warehouse.

Our customers and their customers can track the order and shipment status at any time.

Thanks to our on-site IT, we are more flexible and can react quickly to customer enquiries. For large projects, the IT colleagues at the other locations are at my side. In total, a team of 10 IT experts in the backend supports our customers, suppliers and employees.

My motto: "The power lies in peace".


Marco Thyssen

Phone: 02151 - 529 214