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My name is Mandy Lesnich

and I have been working as a customer service employee at QTRADO Logistics since December 2017.

After my apprenticeship as a sports and fitness merchant, I completed my Bachelor Professional of Trade and Commerce (CCI)*at the IHK.

My areas of responsibility at QTRADO Logistics include customer service as well as invoicing and credit note generation. In customer service I am responsible for a firmly assigned customer base. Here I support my customers in fulfilment and promotion business and handle the customs formalities.


I carry out invoicing in two cycles. On the one hand, I prepare the weekly invoices, for example for special offers or transports, which were handled by the transport/CEP service department. And on the other hand, I create the monthly invoices for our regular customers from the fulfilment area. Every single movement of goods is recorded in our merchandise management system. From the system, I use the movement data to create call-offs for the individual customers and supplement these with additional billing data such as: transports, Amazon orders that were processed by us for customers, and much more.

Before the monthly invoice is posted, I check all transaction items, for example, whether a shipment is missing or has been billed twice. After the check, the invoice goes for approval and is finally posted in the accounting department.

For our forwarding agents I issue credit notes twice a month for the daily and special trips. I receive the billing items via our SendOs system from the transport/CEP service department.


What I particularly like about my work is the close contact to my customers and the joint development and integration of suggestions for improvement. This makes my area of responsibility very varied. Different activities always bring new challenges. And thanks to the great cooperation with colleagues in a young and dynamic team, every project is exciting.


And in the new year, I am also looking forward to many new and exciting projects.

My motto: Life is too short for "sometime"


Mandy Lesnich

Phone: 02151 - 529 291