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Your partner for promotional logistics

Promotional logistics from A to Z

Are you responsible for a special project with a special campaign? A promotion, a packaged premium or an unusual mailing campaign? In all of these cases we are your reliable partner for promotional logistics. What makes us a strong partner? Our 330 employees and a further 430 foreign employees, which we can deploy at short notice.

Your projects may be one-off or recurring. Here are two practical examples:

One-off promotional campaign

A mobile phone producer is launching a new smartphone that is being advertised to the various mobile phone operators. To promote the new smartphone, QTRADO Logistics picks, assembles and delivers marketing material to the mobile phone operators in a one-off campaign.


Recurring periodic campaign

A company wants to offer a small gift to its customers over the course of a year. In an initial delivery we ship a glass container with sweets and a personalised message. Thereafter refills with various sweets for the glass container are dispatched every three months along with a personalised message. The ranges can be either standardised or customer-specific. Standardised ranges might mean that each customer receives 3 bars of chocolate and 3 bags of Gummi Bears. An example of individualised ranges might look like this:

Customer A: 5 bars of chocolate and 3 bags of Gummi Bears

Customer B: 2 bars of chocolate and 1 bag of Gummi Bears

Customer C: 4 bars of chocolate and 2 bags of Gummi Bears

Order picking

Depending on quantities, order picking in promotional logistics can be performed by semi-automatic or display-controlled order picking systems. Of course, with smaller quantities this can be done by scanner-supported or manual order picking with constant quality control.


Repacking, pick-and-place and labelling are parts of the packaging range of services. In promotional logistics, standardised or personalised messages can be included, display stands filled, or products and ranges labelled – all according to your requirements.


In addition to order picking and packaging, our customers ask us in promotional logistics to carry out a wide variety of finishing processes. These may involve either simple or complex requirements. Stickers, postcards and pennants can be attached. Ribbons can be tied into bows or articles may be individually packed. Your requirements and our solutions to these are very diverse. Simply come to us with your requirements.


There are no limits to the variety of packing solutions. We can either work with you to reach an ideal packing concept or use your existing solution.

Advertising-Materials Logsitics