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Your partner for promotional logistics

Promotional logistics from A to Z

Are you responsible for a special project with a special campaign? A promotion, a packaged premium or an unusual mailing campaign? In all of these cases we are your reliable partner for promotional logistics. What makes us a strong partner? Our 330 employees and a further 430 foreign employees, which we can deploy at short notice.

Your projects may be one-off or recurring. Here are two practical examples:


One-off promotional campaign

A mobile phone producer is launching a new smartphone that is being advertised to the various mobile phone operators. To promote the new smartphone, QTRADO Logistics picks, assembles and delivers marketing material to the mobile phone operators in a one-off campaign.


Recurring periodic campaign

A company wants to offer a small gift to its customers over the course of a year. In an initial delivery we ship a glass container with sweets and a personalised message. Thereafter refills with various sweets for the glass container are dispatched every three months along with a personalised message. The ranges can be either standardised or customer-specific. Standardised ranges might mean that each customer receives 3 bars of chocolate and 3 bags of Gummi Bears. An example of individualised ranges might look like this:

Customer A: 5 bars of chocolate and 3 bags of Gummi Bears

Customer B: 2 bars of chocolate and 1 bag of Gummi Bears

Customer C: 4 bars of chocolate and 2 bags of Gummi Bears

Order picking

Depending on quantities, order picking in promotional logistics can be performed by semi-automatic or display-controlled order picking systems. Of course, with smaller quantities this can be done by scanner-supported or manual order picking with constant quality control.


Repacking, pick-and-place and labelling are parts of the packaging range of services. In promotional logistics, standardised or personalised messages can be included, display stands filled, or products and ranges labelled – all according to your requirements.


In addition to order picking and packaging, our customers ask us in promotional logistics to carry out a wide variety of finishing processes. These may involve either simple or complex requirements. Stickers, postcards and pennants can be attached. Ribbons can be tied into bows or articles may be individually packed. Your requirements and our solutions to these are very diverse. Simply come to us with your requirements.


There are no limits to the variety of packing solutions. We can either work with you to reach an ideal packing concept or use your existing solution.

Facts worth knowing about promotional logistics

Action logistics is the management of time-dependent actions. These vary from, for example: Special prices, seasonal offers, residual items whose stock is not increased and so on.

Within the framework of promotion logistics, all processing procedures are planned for the period of the respective promotion in order to implement them as efficiently as possible. The most common tasks here are:

  • goods receipt
  • data acquisition
  • picking
  • packaging & finishing
  • worldwide shipping

Both one-off and recurring actions can be planned precisely to guarantee efficient, smooth processing later on. Often these actions are additionally advertised for the planned period of time, mostly on the digital way but depending on the business model also physically (newspaper advertisement/flyer/literature pillar).

Promotional logistics simplify and speed up every step of the processing of actions. It is immensely important, especially when demand is high, to handle the promotions as well as possible.  

First and foremost is the receipt of goods. The order quantities, storage rooms and data collection are a fixed part of the work covered by the campaign logistics.  

The next step is the picking of the goods. Depending on the quantities ordered, this can also be done automatically using picking systems provided for this purpose. For smaller quantities, however, manual processing is often recommended, as programming these systems can take a long time.  

Then it is time for packing. In this work step, goods are repackaged, packages are loaded and goods are labelled individually or in packages.  

In addition, the system can label letters, displays for shops and retailers, product groups and entire product ranges that have been specially designed for the campaign.  

Once the products have been packaged and labelled, they are finished. There are many ways to give the goods a special touch. There are no limits to creativity, from attaching stickers and postcards to gift packaging with ribbons and collars.

After finishing, all but one of the work steps is done: shipping.  

The goods have been ordered and paid for and are shipped worldwide in this last step. It should of course be noted that the delivery time and the costs for delivery are optimized in the best possible way.

As already mentioned, promotional logistics is used for the scheduled processing of time-dependent campaigns.

It is the engine and the chassis in one and often saves time, money and personnel in addition to efficient work processes.

Through a uniform structuring of the respective work steps, many otherwise time-consuming tasks can be partially automated. This is particularly helpful if the demand for the campaign is very high and a large number of orders can be accepted, processed and dispatched in the shortest possible time.

But also in order to plan recurring or seasonal actions in the long term, the promotional logistics can be used again and again after a one-time processing and structuring.

Since actions are often very individual, creativity is often very much in demand in the context of action logistics. Order processes that are otherwise standardized often have to be redesigned to adapt stock to expected demand. In addition, prices often have to be adjusted and special packaging materials also ordered. Depending on the campaign, there may also be an additional step in the individualization of the goods shipped. The variety of tasks looks very high at the beginning, but once these steps have been successfully planned and implemented in practice, the cost quickly pays for itself.