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Hello, my name is Robert Fiorino

and I have been working for more than two decades in the company and logistics sector. My area of responsibility includes the campaign business and its logistics, which I am responsible for due to their temporary individually manage specifications.

This includes seasonal or customer-specific orders, such as the packaging of 90,000 Christmas packages that must be delivered to the recipient by Christmas.

As an expert, I plan all processes for handling orders within the framework of promotional logistics in order to implement them with maximum efficiency. The most common tasks are carried out in close cooperation with the other departments in the company, such as incoming and outgoing goods and sales and distribution coordinated. A healthy, internal network and constructive communication are essential for carrying out an action under optimal conditions. This also includes the initial creation of a sample package to make improvements or misunderstandings transparent.

The overall goals of my work are:

- the collection and trading of production data

- monitoring and checking the picking, packing and finishing of the goods

- the posting of shipments to worldwide shipping.

These processes have to be planned precisely in order to guarantee the efficient and smooth handling of action orders that leave production on time and in best quality.

As a certified company in environmental management, it is my responsibility to produce in an environmentally friendly and gentle manner. This starts with sorting the waste and the professional disposal of the waste. And goes right through to the optimal planning of operational resources such as the use of gas forklifts and short walking distances.

Safety is a top priority! The highest level of care is also obligatory when it comes to the regulations for securing the load of the consignments to be shipped and delivered.

My motto: "Don't take yourself too seriously."


Robert Fiorino

Phone: 02151 - 529 151