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Logistics outsourcing with QTRADO Logistics

Your transport costs in connection with your logistics increase every year?

Then it's time to outsource your logistics service requirements to a reliable logistics company and thereby significantly reduce costs.

In the long run, outsourcing to an external service provider like QTRADO Logistics proves to be the right decision.

Services such as transport logistics, warehousing, delivery and other related areas are our main business. Let us take over this complicated and demanding area. You concentrate on your core business.

10 considerations in favour of outsourcing your logistics warehouse

Outsourcing influences your business and saves your costs. There are 10 aspects that speak for a logistics service provider:

  1.     Increasing flexibility and logistics quality
  2.     Reduce logistics costs
  3.     Efficient use of personnel and space
  4.     Optimum utilisation of seasonal fluctuations
  5.     Avoidance of investments such as IT, buildings, ...
  6.     Bundling of your external warehouses and shuttle traffic
  7.     Use logistics know-how
  8.     Low costs through efficient processes
  9.     Fast reaction to new customer requirements
  10.     Concentration on core business

Make sure that you offer your customers a tailor-made logistics service.

How QTRADO Logistics supports you in your logistics outsourcing:

As a logistics service provider, we have detailed knowledge in these areas: Transport management, customs clearance, logistics consulting, warehousing and other related areas. Through optimized processes, we support you in saving costs.

Facts worth knowing about logistics outsourcing

"Outsourcing" means the outsourcing of certain work processes to external service providers. In business, "logistics" describes all the activities of a company in connection with the transport, procurement, dispatch and storage of goods. When logistics is outsourced, a company specializing in this takes over the usual transport and warehousing tasks. This includes administrative processes and control functions such as customs clearance, picking, order acceptance, shipping processing and returns management.

Logistics is a complex process and closely linked to business success. Logistics is used in B2B, B2C, e-commerce and wholesale. Not every successful company is a logistics specialist at the same time. The development of a company's own structures devours valuable time and resources. A competent partner who maintains an overview and ensures reliable handling of all processes is worth its weight in gold. This applies to companies of all sizes, from start-ups to medium-sized companies and producers to global players. As a rule, an own fleet of vehicles is too inflexible for companies.

  • Save costs: Logistics outsourcing saves costs, time and space.
  • Use expert knowledge: Logistics specialists have industry-specific know-how and experience. This applies to warehousing, transport management and customs clearance.
  • Companies benefit from this knowledge: With the help of professional logistics service providers, you can fulfil customer wishes and offer top service.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: The professional handling of shipping and logistics ensures a high degree of satisfaction with the company's services.
  • Increase turnover: In the long term, customer satisfaction has a positive effect on the company's turnover.
  • Concentrate on your core business: In addition, logistics professionals can free up company employees to concentrate on their core business.

At the latest when the logistics costs of a company rise, logistics outsourcing is a sensible alternative. With an external service provider, companies tie up less capital: they save storage space and costs for renting buildings and personnel.

Smaller shops, start-ups and medium-sized companies in particular can keep up with the market leaders in the industry thanks to logistics outsourcing. They offer their customers the best possible professional service. Thanks to logistics outsourcing, new acquisitions in the IT sector (computers, security software) are not necessary to handle logistics.

Companies from neighbouring German countries also benefit from logistics outsourcing: they improve their dispatch speed and service.

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